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We tailor each project for your individual A/V Needs


No two systems are the same. Our team takes pride in designing systems to your specifications.

With a depth of knowledge in a variety of different markets, Sound Decisions exists to engineer and install a system to your specific needs. Whether it's a classroom, a corporate space, all the way up to a large sports stadium, Sound Decisions has the team to design the correct A/V system. Our team will gladly take the time to sit down with you and figure out your exact wants and needs. We Design, Program, and Install systems for the following spaces, and more:


Small Business







Direct Sales

Sound Decisions is a direct dealer for many of the top AV manufacturers. We stay abreast on their latest technology and products to ensure you are buying the best technology for your budget. We also have partnerships with many of the main AV suppliers and can offer great pricing and shipping options for any of your needs. We can provide expedited shipping for those times you need equipment rushed and also use our freight forwarder in Tacoma, WA to bring it up on the weekly ship to save you money.

Design & Engineering

Contacting the Sound Decisions team early in your AV upgrade or build process ensures that your AV system will integrate properly within your space, saving time and money. System design and engineering is a critical first step in the success of your AV implementation. Every project, big and small, starts with system design and engineering where all aspects are considered: technical, architectural, budgetary, workflow, and expansion.

Understanding how components are integrated and work as a singular, fluid system is what we do best. Our product knowledge allows us to integrate each individual component to a design in the most optimal and efficient manner.


Sound Decisions installation team takes the time to ensure your system is installed exactly how you want it. Our technicians provide impeccable service and seamless installation. Once installed, our team reviews all systems and each of their respective functions to ensure properly functioning  system.  The end user then receives complete system training to operate the equipment in confidence, once the build is complete and in their hands.

Service & Support

Proper servicing and regular maintenance of your AV system is essential to keep everything running as it should. A manufacturer’s warranty is important, but doesn’t cover system troubleshooting, removing malfunctioning equipment, re-installing equipment after repair or routine audio video equipment maintenance. Let Sound Decisions worry about your AV system maintenance for you and make it easy for you to continue business as usual.  We offer a variety of service agreements to fit any clients needs from Time and Materials for an on call basis to Master Service Agreements for scheduled maintenance, tuning and cleaning.